Hallmark Holiday? Not this one...

Whether it's true or urban legend, Hallmark has been masterful in creating awareness, interest, and affinity in events you didn't know you were supposed to care about. Left-Handed Physicians Appreciation Day, Goldfish Day, and Red Bromeliad Day to name but a few. And while those "Days" may not seem, ahem, serious, every year there are doctors, fish, and plants grateful for the recognition and a greeting card.

Sometimes though, a day or even a week is not enough to show appreciation. For instance, last month was home to less than two dozen official "Months." In many instances, these Months are serious business, covering topics like child abuse and fair housing. But of course less critical topics invariably make their way into the Monthly agenda, so April is also the official Month for canine fitness, cannabis, fresh celery, soft pretzels, soy foods, guitars, pecans, and welding. Coincidentally, all of those Months could be combined into one very interesting day. 

By the way, does anyone know which one is Special Interest Month?

So, in a bit of both self-serving and self-effacing commentary, I'd like to remind you that May is Mediterranean Diet Month. It's the fourth annual Mediterranean Diet Month to be exact. And all credit to getting this commemorative Month off the ground must be given to Oldways, a 20 year-old non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the simpler and healthier ancestral ways of eating. Oldways developed the Mediterranean Diet food pyramid and has been a vocal, informed, and unbiased advocate for healthier lifestyles through better food regimens.

The power of the Mediterranean Diet is in its simplicity. Stick to natural foods. Make extra virgin olive your primary fat. Minimize red meat. Consume everything in moderation. And that includes your glass or two of red wine every day. Sacrifice nothing.

Of course you can make all of this complicated with complex recipes and sourcing artisanal ingredients from obscure retailers, but at the end of the day, Mediterranean food is simple, wholesome, filling, and delicious. It's easy to make and easy to enjoy.


In honor of Mediterranean Diet Month, enjoy this blog post with a glass of Cabernet. And every day find one (more) way to incorporate the principles of the world's healthiest eating regimen into your personal routine. You'll be glad you did... special interests notwithstanding of course.