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Not every blog post can be a treatise on the idyllic Mediterranean lifestyle, or a summary of the latest scientific study, or even something as simple as the 10 best uses of extra virgin olive oil (hmmm, I take that one back). Sometimes a blog post is more pedestrian or self-serving... or in this case, both.

As our small but determined company continues to grow, we are exploring new avenues to reach consumers with what we believe is the best-tasting protein bar available; and yes, to sell more stuff. Back in January, we participated in a trade show that put us face-to-face with about sixty retailers. And in some ways, it also put us head-to-head with competitive products.

We learned a lot over the course of four days, including the fact that SimpleMD is absolutely on the right track. Specifically, we heard time and again that the concept of a Mediterranean-inspired protein bar was not only unique, but compelling. We also heard that our packaging was top-tier. And lastly, that all three flavors were outstanding - but you knew that last one already. My favorite review came from a consultant who has launched several of the highest profile protein bars: he said the bars were indulgent. I can't think of a better word that sums up our flavor profile.

A wide range of retailers were in attendance, spanning the spectrum from giant national drugstore chains to regional discount and pharmacy operations to localized operators. Likewise, we spoke with online "pure plays" in the nutritional products arena as well as mass market companies. 

As you might imagine, the endless carousel of smiles and handshakes are only the beginning when it comes to converting awareness and interest into a commercial relationship. Thus, while I wish that I could report that all 60 companies gave us a resounding "yes," at this stage we are actively pursuing or implementing programs with a handful of them - which is a very positive outcome by the way - while we continue to build relationships with many others. One of the companies that did say "yes" was

If you are unfamiliar with Jet, take a look. At first glance, it may look like a regular online marketplace, but their site in anything but...  it is powered by a "real-time savings engine" that bundles savings/discounts across products based on a number of variables including opting in or out of free returns and using a debit (less expensive) versus a credit card. And as you add more to your cart, you also qualify for free 2-day shipping. It's an innovative platform that allows you to be in more control of what you pay.

Jet is a very cool retail concept and we're excited to be a part of it. And while we're happy to have you shop exclusively on the SimpleMD site, it may be worth checking out our products on Jet and adding them to your cart. Two reasons to go there right now:

  1. They offer excellent volume discounts. If you buy several boxes of SimpleMD at a time, Jet may be the right place for you.
  2. If you are new to Jet, they are offering 15% off your first 3 orders. That's a great offer.

You can see our products on Jet right here.

We anticipate a few more announcements of new retailer relationships in the coming months. All of these announcements are a direct result of your support. As we continue to demonstrate demand and high satisfaction from our valued customers, more retailers are seeing the potential of adding a tasty and distinctive protein bar to their assortment. And since nearly half of our customers place a second order (again, thank you!), retailers feel increasingly confident that folks will be back for more.

Your continued support and enthusiasm for SimpleMD is the backbone of our success; we are grateful for it. Check out Jet when you get a chance and stay tuned for future developments. Cheers!