February 14, 2017

Dear Hoda, when you announced in January that you were going to embrace the Mediterranean Diet, I wanted to immediately write and thank you for endorsing what the science and medical community has long recognized as the best way to eat. However, I ultimately decided to wait until mid-February before writing. No, not because I wanted to send you a Valentine’s Day message - although I do think you’re awesome - but because I wanted to make sure you were sticking with your commitment. My letter wouldn’t make any sense, and perhaps be a little embarrassing, if you gave up on your plan so quickly.

Clearly that’s not the case. By all means, it looks like you’re sticking with it and enjoying yourself. It’s easy to see why. You have an enthusiastic and knowledgeable dietician, Joy Bauer, guiding you every step of the way. She’s outlined all of the long-term benefits of the plan, which should keep you motivated; she’s provided a bunch of delicious recipes to ensure your taste buds stay engaged; and she’s teaching you how exchange some of your bad habits for better ones. So far so good.


However, the other day I heard you say that your biggest challenge in sticking with the plan was the absence of treats on the Mediterranean Diet. I totally get it. And I’m sure other people get it too. The simple truth is, that no matter how sweet a date or an apple might be, eating one just isn’t the same as a snack that’s a little indulgent. 

I’d also like to point out that adhering to the Mediterranean Diet is a bit tougher when you lead a busy life and don’t have the extended support system of a TV personality. Sorry, just calling it like I see it. 

I’m sure you know many who people don’t even have the extra few minutes to make that tasty microwave spinach and egg-white omelet you guys were talking about the other day. And if you’re going to salute the world’s healthiest eating regimen, whipping through the local fast-food drive thru is certainly not an option. 

The middle of the day is no different. I bet that with your hectic schedule, you are out of your mind for a sweet snack by 3pm. The same goes for all of your fans who may be pushing through the second half of their day too, whether it is at home with the kids or duking it out at the office. 

So, what’s a time-stressed, sweets-deprived, committed-to-the-Mediterranean Diet, non-celebrity to do? 

The answer is simple. Well, SimpleMD to be precise. 

Our Original Mediterranean Protein bars are the first and only ones made with extra virgin olive oil and red wine. As you know, those two ingredients are the heroes of the Mediterranean Diet; and they’re what make our bars taste ridiculously good.

Each SimpleMD bar is only 35 grams, under 140 calories, packed with up to 10 grams of protein, and free of gluten, GMOs, and preservatives. Chocolate Almond, Caffe Latte, Chocolate Date. The flavors are fantastic and the bars fit right into a purse or pocket - where a little treat belongs. 

Hoda, there are millions of folks out there - me included - who want to see you stick with the Mediterranean Diet forever. Don’t let absence of something sweet get in your way of a lifetime of health benefits. Instead, reach for a SimpleMD bar when you have a craving. 

I’m happy to hand deliver a few boxes to you. If you can’t wait, then feel free to visit our website and order them directly. And since everyone appreciates a good deal, even TV hosts, I’ve set up a coupon in your name. When you check out, use promo code GoHoda and we’ll give you - and all of your friends and fans - a 25% discount. 

Thank you for shining a bright light on a better approach to eating. I hope you enjoy your new favorite treat. Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day.

Keeping it simple,

Adam Kustin