Creating The Perfect Protein Bar

The protein bar market is filled with hundreds of brands and nearly as many product claims. Today, choosing the right bar is just plain difficult, whether you are in a store or shopping online. And the choices continue to get tougher as new nutritional and scientific data comes to light - particularly around sugar and fat - and companies such as SimpleMD innovate new ways to bring healthy products to market.

The protein bar category is about 20 years old; which means it is still growing and changing… early innovators such as Clif and PowerBar have paved the way for many new brands. Prior to those players, your best bet for a protein bar was to take a traditional granola bar and spread some peanut butter on it. Not a bad solution, but perhaps a little inelegant.

Today we see at least four distinct categories for bars: traditional breakfast or snack bars (e.g. Nature Valley), functional fitness bars (e.g. Clif or new players like Quest), meal replacement bars (driven by weight loss brands such as Atkins) or healthy nutrition bars that emphasize simple ingredients (like Epic). 

Experienced consumers have likely eaten bars from each of the categories. And while each category of bar has its merits, nearly all of them require you to sacrifice something. No doubt you’ve tried a functional fitness bar and felt like it was made in a laboratory instead of a bakery. Sure, you can get a bazillion grams of protein in fitness bar, but your taste buds nor your jaw are thanking you for the effort. And with creative ingredient naming, you may be getting more sugar than you bargained for.

By no means are the four categories mutually exclusive - our clever diagram shows plenty of overlap - but most bars can be categorized as one of the four, and then meet consumer expectations accordingly.

Except SimpleMD.

Our goal in creating the company is to make the Mediterranean Diet more accessible to consumers. One way we are doing that is through our Original Mediterranean Protein Bars. And our goal with the bars is to create a product that borrows from the best of every bar category. That means our bars are right-sized, so you can eat them as a snack. And they’re packed with protein for consumers with a focus on fitness… which by the way, since they are right-sized, eating two of them (gasp!) means you’re consuming just 70 grams to get 20 grams of protein; sound familiar? Many consumers have told us that they eat them throughout the day for weight loss. And because of our focus on the Mediterranean Diet, our bars are made with extra virgin olive oil and red wine; making them both healthy and delicious, like the best nutritional bars.

We think SimpleMD bars are perfect. Admittedly, perfection is in the eye of the beholder. For instance, our bars do contain some chocolate (yum!) which means they have some sugar (boo!), but we don’t attempt to hide the sugar behind unpronounceable chemical names (yeah!). And in the spirit of the Mediterranean Diet, all of those ingredients are included in moderation… so nobody will ever mistake a SimpleMD bar for candy bar; and that’s by design.

Can our bars be better - or as we might say, even more perfect? Absolutely. Consumer input and new scientific findings will lead us to ever better products. In the meantime, join us in enjoying what we think is the perfect protein bar.