1% For Breast Cancer

SimpleMD recently joined the National Breast Cancer Foundation to raise money and awareness for breast cancer education and prevention. We are proud to help further the NBCF’s mission.

Choosing a philanthropy partner is deceivingly difficult. Many charities are deserving. And many certainly do important work that resonates with SimpleMD and our customers. So why did we select the National Breast Cancer Foundation? Well, beyond the basics of being a well-run organization, we felt that NBCF’s mission was perfectly aligned with one of the superlative benefits of adopting the Mediterranean Diet – namely a marked reduction in the incidence of breast cancer.

Several studies, most notably the PREDIMED study, has validated that a Mediterranean approach to eating (and to living for that matter) results in numerous health benefits. For instance, PREDIMED documented a 68% decrease in breast cancer. That is a number simply too large to ignore… and one that we feel is imminently addressable by embracing the lifestyle choices we promote through SimpleMD.

Many organizations are focused on treating or curing various cancers, including breast cancer. This is of course necessary and noble work. At the same time, their efforts could be evermore effective if there were simply fewer instances of cancer, and this is where NBCF comes in. Their charter is to provide beast cancer awareness and education, early detection services, and ongoing support. We believe these initiatives are as critical as today’s most advanced cancer research. Plainly, one less person who gets cancer is one less person to treat.

SimpleMD is donating one percent of our sales to NBCF. We hope to play a small, yet important role in their mission to help women prepare for a battle they hopefully will never have to face. Every SimpleMD purchase you make will make an impact, or you can make a deeper impact by donating directly here.