The Mediterranean Diet - The "Swiss Army Diet"

Welcome to SimpleMD. We are dedicated to inspiring people to adopt the Mediterranean Diet as the framework for their daily eating regimen, and hope to do so by providing easy-to-understand information along with simple, delicious food products.

‘Daily eating regimen’ is an odd phrase. The word regimen sounds a lot like hard work, but let’s put that notion to rest. The Mediterranean Diet is a simple approach to eating and one that has been adopted by millions of people for thousands of years. So, think of ‘regimen’ as an approach that requires no extra work, only better choices.

And while we use the word ‘diet’ a lot, we typically capitalize it and use it as a proper name. Diets or weight loss plans are of course wildly popular. And make no mistake, we believe that the Mediterranean Diet can enable weight loss, which of course can be central to improved health. The distinction we like to make though, is that the Mediterranean Diet – or dieting using the Mediterranean Diet, if you will – is healthful and sustainable. Using it to lose weight does not mean deprivation, which is so common with many popular “fad diets.” And the absence of deprivation is crucial to long-term success because you’ll want to stick with it… so, if it doesn’t feel like a weight loss diet, then is it?

As you’ll see throughout our site, and literally every single day in the news, the Mediterranean Diet delivers amazing and scientifically verified health benefits that seem almost too good to be true. There have been several long-term studies of hundreds of thousands of people, which have demonstrated that an adherence to the Mediterranean Diet lowers the risk and incidence of heart disease, of certain cancers – most notably breast cancer, of Alzheimer’s disease, and even bone loss.

How do you get these health benefits? Our site, and our book, provide a lot of detailed guidance. In summary, here’s the simple steps you have to take:

  • Eat fresh fruit or vegetables at every meal; and make sure they are colorful, as this ensures you get necessary nutrients.
  • Consume extra virgin olive oil every day; have it on a salad or with a whole-grain bread; yes, bread!
  • If you like, have a glass of red wine at dinner. Or even two.
  • Make seafood your main source of protein and limit your consumption of red meat to twice per month.
  • Limit sweets and desserts. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a piece of chocolate once in a while. It does mean you shouldn’t have a candy bar every day.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

In short, make your eating regimen as similar as possible to people living all along the coast of the Mediterranean, from southern Spain and Italy to Greece, and all the way to Morocco.

Eating right is only one part of the plan though. To get the full benefit of the Mediterranean Diet, you really need to adopt the Mediterranean lifestyle. The highlights:

  • Get enough sleep. Most adults need 6 to 8 hours every night. Make no mistake, enough sleep is as important as any food choice you make.
  • Get some exercise every day. You don’t have to run for 2 hours, but you do need to get moving. Find a way to work 30 minutes of physical activity into your day – something as simple as a long walk will do the trick.
  • Reduce stress. This is the most difficult requirement, but what’s interesting is that by eating better, getting enough sleep, and exercising, your body is in a much better position to handle stress.

The Mediterranean Diet is absolutely accessible to everyone. There of course will be times when a piece of fish with fresh vegetables is not possible, and this is why we created SimpleMD bars. Made with the essential elements of the Mediterranean Diet – extra virgin olive oil and red wine – the bars are loaded with protein and fiber and a great way to bridge the gap until your next meal.

If you enjoy great tasting food, if you enjoy red wine, if you enjoy light exercise, and if you can live with only having an occasional steak or burger, then the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet are yours for the taking. Enjoy! And don’t forget to keep it simple.

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