Has Anyone Taken Thursday Yet?

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday... well, now it's Thursday and you're waiting on that first package to arrive from Amazon. The reality of the season has squarely set in. So while your kids are opening the first door on their Advent calendars, why don't you find your own treat by celebrating #BetterLivingThursday?

Our shameless self-promotion actually runs through the month of December. All month long, you can enjoy free shipping on the world's best tasting protein bar when you spend only $30 or more. Just use the code HOLIDAY2016 when you check out. Visit our store to get started.

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This holiday season, make sure you take some time for yourself and enjoy the goodness of SimpleMD.

Individual bars make great stocking stuffers, and having a box or two in the kitchen will let you grab something wonderful and healthy when a holiday craving hits you. You'll feel better about that inevitable slice of pumpkin pie waiting for you tonight (Santa's not the only one watching...).

Enjoy #BetterLivingThursday