The Official Bar of Better Living

Ahhh… the eternal quest for better living. It’s a big deal. Heck, Oprah has devoted her entire media empire to helping people live their best life. A noble cause we're 100% in favor of.

Better living is certainly hard to define. At the same time, it’s easy to understand, and generally speaking, it is a universally shared goal. For some, better living is the absence of stress, disease or even debt. And for others it is the freedom to travel, to be whimsical, or to enjoy good food and wine.

While better living might mean a million different things to a million different people, every definition has one thing in common: better living starts and ends in the mind, not in a restaurant or bank account. It’s only better – what ever IT is – because it makes you FEEL better; and that’s pretty cool because that puts you in total control of the outcome.

Wish you were here?  Us too.

Wish you were here? 
Us too.

Better living is our daily inspiration at SimpleMD; and our ideal of better living is centered on the Mediterranean. Although not all of us have traveled throughout the region, we each have a view of not only what it looks like, but how it feels; and it’s pretty darn likely that you do too.

The Greek beaches, the Spanish olive groves, the Italian markets, the French countryside – you’ve seen them in movies and read about them in books; they’re embedded in our collective subconscious. Our shared perspective on the Mediterranean is uniquely positive, and based upon an aura of family, community, a slower pace, and an appreciation for small pleasures. In other words… the embodiment of better living.

While the Mediterranean is not perfect (see Economy, Greece), we think that their populace has certainly perfected the art of better living.  And in our busy American lives, it feels like the right kind of lifestyle to tap into.

We’d be crazy to suggest that eating a SimpleMD bar is a substitute for enjoying a leisurely lunch at a seaside café with a warm breeze blowing or a stroll through an ancient village. On the other hand, we do think of our bars as a symbol of what’s possible. Just taking an extra moment to assess what you eat, to consider how you spend your time, and to slow things down and savor what’s happening right now is very Mediterranean, and exactly what SimpleMD is all about… and it’s what better living is about too.