The First Protein Bar for Wine Lovers

For many people, there are few sounds as satisfying as the pop of a cork. It marks the beginning of something: a night out, some well-deserved relaxation, or warmth and camaraderie with family or friends. And it usually marks the end of something too. A long day, a long trip, or a long project. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, it may just mark the end of the previous bottle.

When launching SimpleMD we wanted to incorporate the essence of the Mediterranean Diet into our products. That meant developing a protein bar made with extra virgin olive oil and red wine. We did this primarily because of the scientific studies that attribute many health benefits to those ingredients - in other words, a purely rational approach to building a better protein bar. And admittedly, perhaps a little bit boring.

As any behavioral psychologist will tell you, people rarely do (or not do) things for purely rational reasons. For further evidence, see ‘previous bottle,’ in the first paragraph.

So, while there are certainly rational reasons for drinking red wine (it has resveratrol!), the deeper reasons are all emotional, particularly when the quality is high and you can tell the difference. Good wine - in moderation of course - is absolutely transformative. The anticipation, the first sip, the immediate change of perspective… it’s what makes wine so enjoyable. The addition of family or friends only deepens the experience - and makes it absolutely Mediterranean by the way.

I’ll admit that ‘transformative’ is a big leap for a protein bar. One thing we’ve learned though, is that people who go out of their way to find great-tasting wine are also drawn to SimpleMD. These are the same people who exercise as much for the mental benefit as the physical, and who will engage in fitness activities so they feel good about that nightly glass of wine.

And while our mission is to make the Mediterranean Diet more accessible to today’s consumers, we’re also happy to learn that many of our customers are already living that lifestyle, and including our line of protein bars in their routine. They are active. They spend time with family and friends. They make smart food choices without sacrificing enjoyment. They love good coffee. And often, they end the day with a glass of wine; a simple reward that is anything but simple.

I’m probably describing you. 

The reason we are making SimpleMD protein bars with red wine and EVOO is purely rational - those ingredients have bona fide health benefits. But the reason why people love them is purely emotional… and we’re fine with that. Better health shouldn’t feel like a sacrifice.

Here’s to the simple pleasures that are good for you, and just plain good… maybe not even in that order. Cheers!

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