Every country and culture is the best at something. For example, the Swiss have efficiency and Icelanders have happiness. And across the Mediterranean, those cultures are the best at integrating food, family, and fitness into their daily lives.

When asked about the region, most people likely conjure an image of an amber field, a deep blue sea, an ancient village, or white-washed buildings. And they likely describe an outlook and pace that is punctuated with some synonym for the word happiness. When all summed up, you can call it better living.

Better living is our inspiration.

The beginning of SimpleMD was, well, pretty simple. One of our founders, Dr. Ariel Soffer, a leading cardiologist, was frustrated at the limitations of his impact. While he had helped thousands of patients, it was only one patient at a time, and at a reactive level, not a proactive one. He knew that if he could get people - not patients - to adopt a healthier approach to eating and living, so many more lives would be improved.

Clearly the solution wasn’t simply telling people to “eat better,” or “exercise more.” That information is not new, nor is it particularly effective. People need to be inspired, and they need a mechanism that makes it easy to break bad habits or create new ones.

Given all of the data, the Mediterranean Diet presented itself as the way forward. There are mountains of scientific evidence promoting the positive impacts of the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle. So far so good.

But telling people to “eat Mediterranean” is no different than “lose weight.” How do I do it? What steps do I take? Where do I start? 

To answer those questions, we landed on the idea of a protein bar made with extra virgin olive oil and red wine. These ingredients are the heroes of the Mediterranean Diet, delivering a range of irrefutable health benefits. And they also happen to give our bars their distinctive, delicious flavor. 

We look at our bars as the first and easiest step on the path toward more Mediterranean living. If people enjoy the bars and connect them to the Mediterranean Diet, we hope they’ll begin to adopt other Mediterranean food and lifestyle choices as well. We even wrote a short book describing those lifestyle changes.

To us, SimpleMD protein bars represent something more than a vehicle for olive oil and red wine. They represent the beginning of a journey toward improved health and happiness. To us, they represent better living; and hopefully for you, they will too.