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Dr. Ariel Soffer is Board-Certified Cardiologist and the author of several books, including The Simple Mediterranean Diet. His passion is educating and inspiring his patients to adopt healthier lifestyles through simple, easy-to-adopt changes.


Dr. Ariel Soffer is a Board-Certified cardiovascular specialist, author, medical patent holder, and medical journalist. His passion is educating and inspiring his patients to embrace healthier lifestyles through simple, easy-to-adopt changes. It is from this point of view that SimpleMD was born. 

His commitment: use the SimpleMD media platform to distill the vast amount of medical information from a range of disciplines into useable knowledge. His decades of experience in heart and vascular health provides a unique perspective on modern lifestyle choices.

As the local ABC News Medical Expert with his own segment, "Dr. Soffer’s Second Opinion," and having interviewed world famous guests such as Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Soffer became inspired by those who are able to translate useful medical knowledge into tangible changes in our everyday lives. 


One of Dr. Soffer’s closest advisors is Dr. Alan Mandel of “MotivationalDoc” fame. As one of the most trusted clinicians online today, Mandel leverages his years of experience to make medical topics more understandable and enjoyable to his audience of nearly four million YouTube subscribers. Like Mandel, Dr. Soffer realized that the growing digital format is fast becoming the most efficient method to impart useful medical information to a global audience. 

“Beyond the reach of my clinical practice, I want to make a lasting impact on the health of others. I'm distilling my 30 years of clinical experience along with my unique access to the latest medical developments into a highly accessible platform.


My goal is simple: impart medical knowledge and guidance to drive real change.” — Dr. Soffer


SimpleMD and videos featuring Dr. Ariel Soffer

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